Sunday, August 31, 2008


There was once a twelve year old boy who was normal and not treated with respect, he always dreamed of respect but didn’t quite get what it ment he thought being respected was being tough and popular. So one day he was riding a bike and had a cut from a bully it was still open so things could get in and that’s exactly what happened so he was riding a bike and sat right next to a weed wacker and got some grains of grass in him so that gave him the element air and earth. And then he went swimming and got some water molecules stuck in him ,and so that gave him the element water. And the last element happened when he tripped and sparked him self with a sparkler firework ,and that sealed it up. So the next morning he had a silver scar and noticed it,but just went on to school so then a bully comes as he walks to school and is about to sock him as all of a sudden he felt a shock and the bully was on the ground not knowing what happened. And Karly powell was the last of his troubles.

that silver scar is skarters weakness ,and skarters bullys never looked at him again